SUCKERS  Is an out of age family story.  Vampires are having a hard time coping with the modern urban world.   Sure they control the blood banks, morgues, silver mines, the nocturnal lumber industry and window treatments specializing in blackout blinds. You would think that after being around so long they would lead very comfortable lives.  Guess again!  It was bad enough to deal with drooly, smelly werewolves and quite frankly, very odd reanimated Frankensteins.  Now they also have to deal with technology and overcrowding by their food…humans. And the food sucks! Pumped full of chemicals, preservatives and growth hormones, humans taste horrible.  The most ancient clan the dowdy Morgans control the morgues and they dream of bringing back the good old days. The less ancient clan, the Smiths control blood banks and silver mines. They are trendy, flashy, blingy and try to blend in with humans. Thanks to their culture clash the Morgans and Smiths just can’t get along.  And then there’s Jason Smith, the homeless vampire who really doesn’t care about vampire politics. Everybody’s life changes when Jason meets the very drunk Arthur Sketel. Rich and boorish A. Sketel can’t keep friends. Not posh enough and cavalier, Jason was cast out by his family. Can this pair of outcasts get along?   When they decide to share an apartment it’s all put to the test and the monster world will never be the same. 
 Jon is a Seagull with a dream and the drive to become more than what his limitations allow.
 In a parallel time-line, the date Dec. 21 2012 has had a profound impact on the Earth, the Galaxy, and the course of humanity itself. Amidst the chaos, our Heroes must restore balance to our crumbling Solar System and Themselves as they grasp to understand a reality that is quickly fading away.